Kaito Gakko was founded by Professor David Nuuhiwa many years ago. His training in the martial arts at a very young age developed into precise flowing techniques in the arts of Karate, Judo, and Jujtsu. In the years after World War II, Hawaii came alive with martial arts from Asia and the Pacific. Professor Nuuhiwa matured during this time in his training, and in the tradition of the old days traveled the world to master his developing art of what is known today as Nuuhiwa Ryu.

He studied under many masters in Asia and throughout the world, and fought in many competitions and matches. He retired with an undefeated record and earned the name Kaito Gakko.

Today there are only a small circle of students and schools that can lay claim to the teachings and techniques of Kaito Gakko – Nuuhiwa Ryu. This site is dedicated to promoting the very best of development of what Professor David Nuuhiwa left behind in the hearts of his faithful students. A unique archive by Kingsley Nuuhiwa on the history and life of Professor Nuuhiwa will be developed here at this site along, with a collection of Nuuhiwa Ryu techniques and teachings for new members and all those interested in learning.

Today the organization of Kaito Gakko is under the leadership of Professor Bruce Keaulani of Honolulu, Hawaii.

–  Professor David Nu’uhiwa
–  Professor Bruce Keaulani
–  Dr. Ha’aheo Guanson
–  Professor Gerry Walker
–  Dr. Kahu Kaleo Patterson
–  Jordan Maka’ala Patterson

Kaito Gakko is closely affiliated with:
–  PeaceMA – Peace Through Martial Arts
–  Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center
–  Hawaiian Shotokan Karate-Do
–  American Jujitsu Institute
–  Kaito Gakko  Nuuhiwa Ryu (A Hawaiian Tradition)